Head to Head provides mentorship to youth allowing them to grow with positive self images at the most crucial part of their life; a time when they are sometimes less inclined to comply with ideas from parents, coaches, and teachers.

Youth across Canada already look up to Olympians, and therefore can be positively influenced by the advice, messages and experiences of these mentors.

An Olympian is an effective channel for parents, coaches and teachers to use, to reinforce positive messages to their adolescents. Head to Head allows adults to put a role model, of the highest standard, in communication with their children and provides ongoing contact for real impact.

Olympians and National Team Athletes are under-utilized due to:

  • Tough scheduling
  • Cost
  • General lack of connection to the cause/youth group

Head to Head eliminates all three of these barriers, to create a continuum from our current Olympians, through to the next generation.

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