For schools or clubs

The Mentorship Program –  Head to Head pairs an Olympian with a school or club for an annual mentorship program:


Olympian visits school / club

  • Initial Head to Head led conference call with school/club and Olympian to establish program goals, strategy and execution plan
  • Followed by ongoing communication to ensure consistent messaging

Personalized Educational Videos

Sample here – all videos provided with a video discussion guideline for coaches, teachers and parents to start a conversation with their athlete / student

Guided by the Head to Head Curriculum:

  • Goal Setting
  • Managing Nerves
  • Healthy Habits: nutrition, sleep (supported by Dr. Greg Wells)
  • Mindfulness
  • Time Management (balancing academics, athletics, social)
  • Resilience
  • Accountability
  • Team Culture
  • Active Recovery; stretching, massage, foam rolling etc.
  • Performance: strategy, pressure, performing in the moment, ideal performance state etc.

Ongoing E-mail Access

  • Olympian mentor will be available for email consultation for club/school, coaches, teachers, students athletes and more. 


Breaking down the in person visits

Through communication with the coach, athletic director and/or parent board each visit can be tailored to the club/school needs.

Examples and recommendation for Olympian visits:

1. Keynote speaker

Olympian addresses an audience (of any size) and is available for Q & A, autographs and photos. They’ll also bring along any medals, Olympic memorabilia or other exciting materials for the audience to see and touch.


  1. Banquet
  2. Parent, Coaches, Support Staff Meeting
  3. Athlete Orientation
  4. Welcome BBQ / Event
  5. Fundraiser/Dinner/Gala etc.
  6. Swim-a-thon

Classroom Session

Olympian leads a smaller group session that hones in on a specific topic from the Head to Head curriculum (detailed above). These classroom sessions can be hosted for specific groups, ages, parents, coaches or other and will often include powerpoint decks, workbooks (to encourage engagement), videos, open discussions and Q & A.


  1. Group specific discussions
  2. Coaches meeting
  3. Parent gathering

Social Event

 Olympian attends an event with the goal of mingling with athletes, coaches, parents etc. in order to build connections and allow the athletes to get to know them as a regular person! Examples:

  1. BBQ
  2. Team Meal
  3. School Tournament, Competition, Game
  4. Alumni event

Sport specific session: On field of play

Olympian works with specific athletes on the field of play. They engage with the athletes through clinics, activities, exercise and demonstrations.


  1. Specific skill work (skill progression or breakdown, stroke specific work, sprint/distance work, turns, starts etc.)
  2. Lead a warm up / warm down / circuit
  3. Lead stretching session
  1. Be part of team chat at practice or competition
  2. In pool demonstration
  3. Technical feedback
  4. Deliver a session that a coach has prepared
  5. Come prepared with own session to lead

Other Events

Olympian is available for any other school/club specific events or opportunities that seem fit!

  1. Competition; feedback, pump up athletes before and/or after competing, cheer, build relationships, team spirit / support team
  2. Special Events – Have Olympian kick it off, finish, chat with athletes before/after etc.
  3. Team building trips, opportunities or specific club events


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