For Teams

The Mentorship Program –  Head to Head pairs an Olympian with a sports team for season long mentorships through the following engagements:


In Person Team Visits

  • Initial coach-Olympian meeting to establish team goals, strategy and plan
  • Followed by ongoing communication to ensure consistent messaging

Personalized Educational Videos

  • Mentorship
  • Goal Setting
  • Time management
  • Caring for your mental health (sport psychology)
  • Teamwork
  • Pre-competition nerves
  • Recovery (nutrition/sleep)
  • Competition tips
  • Dealing with Adversity (Perseverance)
  • Post competition routines

Ongoing E-mail Access

  • Olympian mentor will be available for youth needs and will be trained to provide effective feedback


Breaking down the in person visits

Through communication with the coach, each visit can be unique to match the team needs:

  • Regular session: The Olympian/NTA supports the coaches’ workout by timing, providing technical feedback, and acting as an ‘excitement factor’ for workout that day. They will not interfere with the coaches’ planned session, but rather act as a reinforcement.
  • Olympian/NTA run session: The coach may ask the athlete to prepare a workout and run the session (technical skills, or other specifics will be communicated and targeted in the workout)
  • Olympian/NTA speaking session: The Olympian/NTA will address a topic of agreement (nutritional, goal setting, time management, facing challenges, etc)
  • Team dinner or social outing: The Olympian/NTA can come hang out with the youth and allow for a real connection to be established in a casual environment



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