Head to Head Olympic Speakers

Raise the level of your team by learning from our nation's best

Head to Head is an educational mentorship organization that connects Olympic athletes with youth across Canada. We invite you and your corporate team to learn from our Olympians and their experience in succeeding through adversity, and excelling in a high performance culture

Our Speakers Focus On:

  • Resilience:  Persevering through setbacks, pressure, and the daily grind
  • Agility: Adapting in the face of change, and staying present in the moment
  • Building a culture of high performance: An elite mindset, work ethic, and focus

Martha McCabe

Head to Head founder Martha McCabe overcame adversity early in her career to become a 2x Olympian in swimming and captain of the Rio 2016 Olympic Swim team.

Jayna Hefford Head to Head

Jayna Hefford

5x Olympian Jayna Hefford has won an astounding 4 Olympic Gold medals and ranks 2nd in all-time games, goals, and points for the Canadian Women's hockey team