Goal Setting Lesson #5 - Staying Focused On Goals

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Check out the video above to learn how Martha stayed focused on her goals every single day!

Tip # 1 - Make A Visual Reminder

Make a visual and put it somewhere you'll be daily, to remind you of your goals!

Martha’s long term goal when she was about 16 years old was to compete at the Olympic Games. She printed out the Olympic rings, and stuck them to the ceiling above her bed.

This helped make decisions in her life away from the pool, simple, like: 

- Making nutritious food choices

- Putting her phone away and going to bed

- Skipping some social events to catch up on sleep

She saw the Olympic rings every morning and night, which helped her to ensure that all of her decisions supported that big Olympic goal.

Write this down!

What are three different ideas that you could use for a visual reminder of your goals?  

Write down your ideas, and then make your favourite!

Tip # 2 - Enjoy Small Successes

​When Martha moved to train in Vancouver and study at the University of British Columbia her workload in the pool, and in school increased a lot.

In order to manage the challenge she had in front of her, she set small goals every day so that she wouldn’t get overwhelmed with the work:

Often she would pick one thing to focus on each session, like streamline!

This allowed her to recognize that she was taking baby steps towards her longterm goal.

Ask Yourself

Do you celebrate your small successes, and small goals each day when you achieve them?

You Did It!