Class #1 - Mentorship

Michelle Toro - What Is A Mentor?

Mentorship is very important to anyone's success in life, but what exactly is a mentor?  What type of person are they, and how will we recognize one when we see one?  Michelle discusses the characteristics of a good mentor in this lesson.

Dominique Bouchard - Who Can Be A Mentor?

Dominique knew that she had to learn from the experience of others around her, and learned how to connect with different mentors who could help her on her journey.

Martha McCabe - How Can Mentors Help?

Martha faced challenges early in her career, and realized that learning from those around her would help her to achieve greatness!

Brittany MacLean - Learning From Mentors

Brittany grew up in a unique situation because not only was her older sister Heather a competitive swimmer, but at an early age Heather achieved great results. This gave Brittany the chance to learn from her sister’s behaviours to achieve similar successes.

Heather MacLean - Mentoring Each Other

Heather shares how her relationship with her sister, and fellow Olympian (Brittany MacLean) influenced her career while they were growing up.