Brittany MacLean - Make a Plan

Getting ready for a race doesn't happen without a plan.  Brittany discusses finding things that you can control, and shares different techniques that worked for her when preparing for her races.

Heather MacLean - Finding Your Routine

Everyone's pre-race routine will be different and will even change over time.  That is a good thing! Heather discusses the pre-race routine that she developed over the years, and different techniques that help to reduce stress before competition.

Michelle Toro - Practice Your Routine

A routine is only effective if you practice it all the time.  Michelle discusses how using the same routine during both training and race days helped her to feel comfortable and achieve an optimal level of stress.

Dominique Bouchard - Changing Your Routine

Over time your routine will likely change, and that is great! Dominique shares how she found the routine that was perfect for her over the years. 

Martha McCabe - Build routines with your coach

From a young age Martha began working with her coaches to find the right pre-race routine.  She found that by writing down the things that worked well, she was able to establish a routine that helped keep her calm, cool and collected - no matter the race!