Race Prep Lesson #1 - Make A Plan

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Even Olympic medallists like Brittany feel nervous sometimes, and that is OK. The key is to make sure you find ways to improve how you personally manage your nerves.

Tip # 1 - Control what you can control!

There are many things that may be difficult to control during swim meets.  Transportation, the bed you sleep in, the food options, or even the pool you are swimming in might be different than you are used to.

There is always lots that you can control!

 Brittany would bring comfort food with her when she travelled, locally or far away. She would bring peanut butter, and Cliff bars with her because it was a good snack that was easy on her stomach!

What are some things you can control before a race?

  • Consistent pre-race routine
  • Bringing a personal item or 'good luck charm'
  • Working hard in practice before the race
  • Packing healthy comfort food

Tip #2 - Have a plan to maximize your confidence behind the blocks

If ever you feel like you’re starting to doubt yourself, remind yourself about all the good practices, training sessions, and previous races.

Plan to keep a few of them at the top of your mind on race day, and remind yourself that you have put the work in to succeed.

Remember - Racing is supposed to be the fun part!

Brittany sometimes put a lot of pressure on herself, because she had put so much work into her swimming. To take a step back, she would remind herself that this work was what prepared her to compete!

Try to think about your big championship as ‘just another swim meet.’

Brittany says:

A pool is  a pool, a lane is a lane, but the race is going to be the same distance no matter what!

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