Race Prep Lesson #4 - Changing Your Routine

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Tip # 1 - It is ok to change your routine!

Like most athletes, Dominique had her own personal routine that helped her to feel prepared for a race.

Over time, she learned more and more about what the perfect routine for her was.  She knew that it was ok to change her routine so that it could improve, and so it changed lots over the years!

Dominique Bouchard


Your routine will evolve as you get more experience in the sport. 

Here is what Dominique's routine included towards the end of her swimming career (Dominique retired from Swimming in Nov 2017):

             Dominique's Keys To Race Prep              (2 weeks prior to competition)

  • Maximize recovery and rest a little extra
  • Drink extra water and stay hydrated
  • Sleep 30 minutes each night
  • Lots of healthy food!
  • check
    Wake up about 3 hours prior to race time

Tip #2 - Stay warm after warm-up

Dominique put in lots of effort to warm up her body properly before a race.  Around 25 minutes prior to her race, although much of the physical movement would be complete, her routine wasn't over!

She would always make sure to stay warm before and after putting her racing suit on and all the way up to race time.

Tip #3 - Find things that make you happy & calm

Throughout her career, Dominique saw many different strategies that helped different swimmers feel good before racing.

These included listening to music, using positive acclimations (saying to yourself "I can do this!"), or just hanging out with friends.

Dominique always had 2 final action pieces to her routine that made her feel calm, and confident behind the starting blocks:

  • 3 deep breaths
  • A few belly rubs
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