About Head to Head

Since inception in 2016, Head to Head has connected more than 45 Olympians with over 19,000 youth across Canada through over 300 mentorship sessions.

Over 350 completed survey results showed that after involvement in yearlong mentorship programs with Head to Head mentors; 

90%  or participants felt more confident and had better tools to manage nerves and anxiety

85% better understood what fully committing to their goals would entail

Head to Head Mentor, Adam van Koeverden (4X Olympic Medallist, and Olympic Champion)

Head to Head's mission is to empower the next generation to reach their full potential with confidence, while providing tangible support and purpose to Canadian Olympians as they transition to life after sport.

Martha McCabe

2x Olympian, Head to Head Founder and President

After becoming an Olympian in 2012, I quickly realized the power my voice had on youth around me. Seeing the impact I could have on another person's life was incredibly inspiring. I became determined to reach as many young Canadians as I could and soon learned that many Olympians were just as motivated as I was, to connect with the next generation.

After competing at the 2016 Olympic Games, I also learned about the severe challenges so many Olympians face when transitioning into life after sport.

I started Head to Head to promote resilience to youth across Canada to help them reach their full potential, and to support athletes financially and through mentorship opportunities, as they transition away from their role as an athlete.

Head to Head is committed to promoting positivity, resilience, healthy habits and inspiring confidence to each and every person that interacts with the company.

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