Head to Head Mentorship Program

Head to Head establishes connections between youth, coaches, educators, and Olympians to deliver long-term, mentorship programs that support life skills development like managing nerves, resilience through adversity, and building healthy habits. 

Make An Olympian Part Of Your Team

Connect In-Person

Each Mentorship Program includes tailored in-person visits that connect an Olympian mentor with groups of youth.  These visits include motivational talks, Q&A sessions, or active sessions that promote wellness among young people at all athletic levels.

Educational Videos

Head to Head provides educational videos featuring your Olympian mentor to be shared among your students and staff.  These videos discuss important topics like teamwork, goal setting, time management, dealing with adversity, and many more important life skills.

Stay In Touch

Members of your organization can access your  mentor through email in order to ask questions and benefit from their experience before and after any in-person events sessions.  Teachers, coaches, and athletes can tap into our Olympian's wealth of knowledge on subjects of health, training, and maintaining a positive outlook.

Head to Head Mentor, Hannah Darling (Olympic Medallist, Women's Rugby Sevens)

Head to Head Mentor, Evan Dunfee (Olympic race walk 4th place finisher)

Start Planning Your Mentorship Program Today

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Curriculum Guided Programming

Our mentor's visits, talks, videos and overall messaging can be tailored to your organization

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    Goal Setting
  • check
    Time Management
  • check
    Managing Nerves
  • check
    Team Culture
  • check
    Healthy Habits (Sleep and Nutrition)
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    Performance and Pressure
  • Social Media and Technology Habits
  • Inclusion
  • Mindfulness
  • Accountability
  • Recovery (athlete focus)

Head to Head mentor, Jamie Broder (Beach Volleyball Olympian)

Head to Head mentor, Jason Block (Swimming Olympian)