Head to Head Promotes Mental Resilience and Physical Wellness Through Olympian Led Mentorship Programs

Mentorship Programs

Our carefully selected Olympian-mentors connect directly with thousands of Canadian youth every year, through schools, youth groups, and teams.

Head to Head provides resources to help develop a unique and empowering connection between Canada’s young people and the country’s most exceptional athletes. These relationships can influence lifelong physical and mental well-being.

School, Camp and Club Mentorship Programs

Head to Head pairs Olympians with clubs, schools (teams, and more) for ongoing visits, lessons and touch points throughout a season

Youth Sport Clinics

Head to Head runs sporting workshops on and off the field of play that are led by Olympians and open to all youth ages 10+

Head to Head Olympians

Head to Head supports Olympians across Canada who are passionate about  sharing their experiences with the next generation

Check out Head to Head's amazing customers, currently being mentored by Head to Head Athletes!

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Head to Head Partners

Head to Head is working with over 30 Olympians in Canadian communities delivering 100+ community engagements every year.  We are lucky to work with some fantastic partners who are helping us  to enhance youth confidence and overall wellness.