Registration is open for our 2018 Olympian Led Swim Clinics!

Head to Head promotes youth mental and physical wellness through Olympian led mentorship programs that teach healthy habits and inspire confidence

  • Increase competitive readiness and confidence
  • Teach life long habits for success
  • Inspire long term commitment to sport

Team Mentorship Programs

Head to Head pairs Olympians with teams for ongoing visits, lessons and touch points throughout a season

Youth Sport Clinics

Head to Head runs sporting workshops on and off the field of play that are led by Olympians and open to all youth ages 10+

Head to Head Olympians

Head to Head supports Olympians across Canada who are passionate about  sharing their experiences with the next generation

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Team Mentorship Programs

Head to Head pairs Olympic athletes with sports teams, clubs, and school athletic programs for ongoing interactions throughout the season; to mentor the next generation of athletes in Canada.


Head to Head offers Olympian led clinics that include unique drills and skills on the field of play and classroom sessions where Olympians share the experiences, lessons and habits that helped them succeed both in and out of sport!