Keynote Speakers and Employee Wellness Programs

We work with some of Canada's best and brightest athletes who can make an impact in the locker room, classroom, or board room.  Their experiences transcend sport, and can truly help any group learn how to work together, overcome adversity, and achieve greatness.

Many of our athletes have engaged in hundreds of speaking engagements to share their stories and tips for success both in and out of sport.

Why work with Head to Head?

Studies show that a key factor in promoting mental health is "resilience" - the ability to recover quickly from difficulty. Connect with a Head to Head mentor to hear them share their stories, and tools to build resilience, focus and achieve overall success.

Our speakers and programs focus on:
  • Resilience:  Persevering through setbacks, pressure, and the daily grind
  • Agility: Adapting in the face of change, and staying present in the moment
  • Building a culture of high performance: An elite mindset, work ethic, and focus
  • Managing nerves, anxiety and uncertainty: through tools like mindfulness

To help your workplace increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and turnover due to mental health challenges and enhance overall team culture and high performance. Watch this video from the Mental Health Commission of Canada to learn more about the importance of employee wellness

Testimonial from " Finance Department, Cadillac Fairview "

We reached out to Head to Head to connect us with an Olympic Athlete to speak to our group at a virtual event following recent organizational changes. Following just one phone conversation with Martha McCabe where we walked her through the changes and challenges that faced our team, Martha was able to come back with some athletes for us to consider for our event. Martha worked quickly with us on every detail and was readily and happily available to work through the fine details to ensure we found the best suited athlete to speak to our group. The process and  experience from start to finish was seamless.
Madison Mailey joined our event virtually and spoke to our group of over 160 people. She was AMAZING and far exceeded our expectations! It was incredible how she was able to tell her story in a way that resonated so strongly with our team. Her ability to draw parallels from her own story to what our team was experiencing and working through was remarkable. She was able to touch on every theme we outlined and tied her experiences of adversity, resilience and adapting to change in a way that was relatable to everyone. Madison was truly an inspiring and engaging speaker and her Keynote was extremely well received by our team.
It was a true pleasure to work with both Head to Head and Madison and we would highly recommend working with them.