Become a Head to Head Olympian!

Head to Head Mentors are professionally trained in mentorship by an external partner; Performance Coaching Inc. to ensure that they maximize their role as a mentor.

Each Olympian has been carefully selected and is signed on as a Head to Head mentor based on:

  • Experience working with youth
  • Feedback and references from previous engagements
  • Training from previous work (i.e. RBC Olympians undergo professional training in an array of areas)
  • Communication skills
  • Professionalism
  • Eagerness to give back to the next generation

Head to Head:

  • Supports Olympians financially and through professional growth opportunities
  • Provides flexible scheduling
  • Empowers Olympians to change the lives of Canadian youth
  • Helps build meaningful connections through impactful work that can be included on athlete resume


Because transitioning athletes face challenges like:

A sudden stop of all income

Our Olympians are always compensated for their time

A loss of identity

Head to Head NEEDS OLYMPIANS! Their expertise in sport, and approach to life can change the way our Canadian youth approach their own future

Challenges getting hired due to lack of experience

We want to hire you, and the bonus is that you can put this on your resume

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