Partnering With Coaches

Coaches get free access to clinics – to see first hand how Head to Head Olympian mentors encourage youth to work with their personal coaches


Coaches collaborate with Head to Head to create clinic focus points for both in the water and in the classroom sessions to ensure their swimmers get the messages they need most. Contact us to join in!


Coaches get initial consultation and strategic planning meetings with Olympians mentoring their team to ensure goals are aligned.


Coaches and Olympians communicate in an ongoing manner to ensure messaging stays consistent throughout the season in mentorship programs.


“Wow, I’ve been telling my athletes that for years, but as soon as it came from you – it brought a whole new meaning to my athletes”


Head to Head Olympians reinforce coaches’ philosophies and practices because their role as a mentor is to strengthen the coaches’ messages, by being an external, credible source supporting their program with a fresh voice