Head to Head is changing the landscape for Canadian youth by connecting them with Canada’s best role models – Olympians and National Team athletes (NTA)



“With open and continued communication, a level of trust and candidness lets the athletes know that I’m someone they can rely on to support them towards their individual goals.”

–     Ryan Cochrane, Two-time Olympic Medallist (Swimming)



Head to Head will:

  • Empower your child to believe in themself by having an Olympian/NTA show them first hand what it takes to reach the top by sharing their struggles, successes…and everything in between

  • Teach your child healthy habits and lifelong skills that will lead them to future success in and out of sport

  • Reinforce key messages from coaches, teachers, and parents through Olympian/NTA actions, stories, and shared experiences

  • Provide your child with an effective role model to increase self-confidence

    *Hired mentors are reliable, personable, and can relate to your child in a unique way.

  • Enable your child to build a meaningful connection with an Olympian/NTA through continuous and ongoing touch points


Read about mentorship directly from our Olympians