September 2019 Updates!


The school year is just around the corner and we're finalizing mentorship programs across Canada. 

Contact us now if you'd like to learn more about how to pair an Olympian mentor with your school, club or camp for multiple in person visits, educational videos on topics like resilience, discussion guidelines, self reflection activities, and much more.

Our resources are growing as we complete more and more research and we're incredibly proud to be changing the lives of thousands of young Canadians!


All the camp visits are complete for the summer of 2019, and what a success it was!

Kayaker, KC Fraser, Rugby player Hannah Darling and our Founder 2X Olympian Martha McCabe, made their way up to Sundridge, and Algonquin park to mentor the campers at Camp Akomak and Tanamakoon.

Head to Head also partnered with Ottawa's Camp Swim Pro, where 3 Olympian mentors worked with the young athletes through a 1 week session.

Mentoring youth at camp is a fantastic and different experience because the campers are having a ton of fun making new friends and trying new activities, so they are extremely open to learning more by asking questions, joining in activities and mingling with the mentors. If you're interested in learning more about camp mentorship programs, contact us directly and please share our information with any camps you're involved with. Our mentorship programs pair very well with camps!

Head to Head mentor Zack Chetrat with campers at Camp Swim Pro

Rugby 7's Olympic Medallist Hannah Darling visits campers at Camp Tanamakoon

2X Olympian and Head to Head Founder Martha McCabe visiting Camp Akomak

Head to Head Mentors and Olympians gathered to learn new activities that they can use in their mentorship visits as well as to share successes and challenges that they've had through different programs they've been involved with.

Head to Head runs an Olympian training session each year which features external speakers to help ensure our mentors are as prepared as possible for their upcoming year at schools, clubs and with varsity programs across the country.

This year Head to Head partnered up with to help provide our mentors with tools to better understand mental health, mental illnesses and resources available to them and to the youth they're working with. Olympians participated in Toronto, and called in from Quebec, Alberta, and BC!

In the coming weeks Head to Head will further explore this partnership, and be part of a launch to help provide youth with the tools they need to be there for themselves, friends, family or others in their life who may need support.

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