Class # 2 - Goal Setting

Dominique Bouchard - What Is A Goal?

Goals are a very important in any persons journey to success, in and out of sport. Dominique helps to share what setting goals can do for you.

Michelle Toro - Different Types Of Goals

Michelle discusses all the different types of goals that you can set to help you succeed in every part of your life.

Heather MacLean - Setting SMART Goals

Heather used specific guidelines when she set goals. She shares how you too can get the most out of your goals by setting SMART goals.

Brittany MacLean - Small Wins And Daily Goals

Brittany uses goals to help narrow her big dreams into daily realities. She shares how she split her short-term goals into different categories that she could think about every day.

Martha McCabe - Staying Focused On Goals

Goals are only helpful if you keep them in mind and keep pushing towards them every day.  Martha shares some tips on how she stayed focused over the years which helped her to compete at two Olympic games!