Goal Setting Lesson #4 - Small Wins And Daily Goals

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Athletes use different strategies within goal setting!

Brittany used goals to narrow her big dreams into daily realities. She liked to split her short term goals into different categories.

2 Types of short term goals

Time Attainable Goals: These are performance and number based goals, often the time standards you want to hit.

Detail Oriented Goals: These goals are often less measurable, but equally important; examples include technique, hours of sleep, and eating habits.

Tip # 1 - Be An Athlete In And Out Of The Pool

Your life outside the pool plays just as big of a role in your swimming as your daily training does. Make sure some of your goals address areas outside of training. Here are some topics that Brittany focused on when setting her goals (in and out of the pool):

  • check
    Technique and skills (like starts and turns)
  • check
    Lengthening out her stroke
  • check
    Lifestyle habits (sleeping, studying)
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    Eating habits (nutrition, hydration)
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    Resting to maximize recovery
  • check
    Living a balanced lifestyle (between friends, school and swimming)

Tip # 2 - Find What Motivates You

Brittany's  #1 motivator was her coach!

Seeing her coach every day provided her with a daily reminder of how to succeed and fully commit.

One of Brittany's coaches taught her ‘The 3 P’s’ to stay motivated through challenging times:

Patience - Take the time to understand life goes on, and you will get through the challenge!

Perseverance - Stick with it and find the energy to get through each new challenge

Prevail - Remember the light at the end of the tunnel, the reward. It's always sweetest when you've fought hard for it.

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