Goal Setting Lesson #1 - What Is A Goal?

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Goals help to create a path in your career!  When you achieve one goal you can move on to the next.

Different Types of Goals

  • Small Goals
  • Big Goals​​​
  • Daily Goals
  • Short Term Goals
  • Long Term Goals



Goals help to keep you accountable for your actions throughout the season

Example of creating a goal

1) Write down a specific time you want to hit in one of your races

2) Write down how you will do this (ex. what could the splits be)

3)Write down what you can do to help yourself achieve this goal

Tip # 1 - Review your goals with somebody

For Dominique, she would review her goals with her coach, who would help her to adjust details.

It is important for your coach to know your goals because they can help hold you accountable to your daily habits which can affect whether or not you reach your final goal.

Tip #2 - Check back on your goals

Write down your goals and put them somewhere safe so you can check back on them.

Dominique would put her goals in her locker, to remind herself every day about what she needed to be doing in and out of training to get closer to success.

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