Mentorship Lesson #4 - Learning From Mentors

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Brittany grew up in a unique situation because her older sister Heather, was a competitive swimmer and became a member of the Canadian Olympic Swim Team in 2012 attending the London Games with Brittany! 

Growing up and having an older sister in competitive swimming gave Brittany the opportunity to learn from her sister’s behaviour both in and out of the pool.

Brittany observed which behaviours made her older sister successful, and then applied those to her own life.

Tip # 1 - Watch and Learn!

By learning from the habits that made her sister successful out of the water, Brittany developed into an Olympic medal winning swimmer!

Brittany MacLean Head to Head



Role models aren't just helpful for performance in the water - how do they balance school, social life, and swimming... my sister did a really good job in all of those things!

            Ask yourself: Are you asking your coach questions?

Tip # 2 - Learn about habits away from the pool

Brittany saw her sister balance swimming, school, and her social life and learned how to achieve a similar balance to maximize success while having fun!

Different Habits to Observe

Lifestyle Habits: Learn about how to best fuel your body, and how to make healthy food choices and develop good sleep habits

Training Habits: Learn different approaches to training; like stretching, activating (warm-up), rolling out with a foam roller etc. and discover what works best for you! 

Studying Habits: Learn how to maximize effort in school and swimming in a way that will allow you to succeed in both! 

Tip # 3 - Learn from mentor mistakes

Even the most successful people in the world didn't make all the right decisions from the beginning. Don't be afraid to ask a mentor about challenging experiences they've faced throughout their career!

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