Mentorship Lesson #2 - Who Can Be A Mentor?

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When Dominique was growing up in Northern Ontario, it was no guarantee that she would end up being one of the best swimmers in Canada.

Dominique knew that she had to learn from the experience of others around her, and realized that her coach was an amazing resource and mentor that she could trust.

Tip # 1 - Use Your Coaches!

Coaches are one of your resources.  They often have many years of experience and it is in their best interest to help you succeed.

Always make sure to listen closely to your coaches' advice and feedback, and ask questions if you don't understand!



My Coach had prior experience coaching at the National level, and I knew, that he knew what it would take to be one of the best athletes in Canada.

Ask Yourself:

Are you asking your coach lots of questions?

Tip # 2 - Learn from other Swimmers

It wasn't until later in Dominique's career that she had an opportunity to meet National level swimmers.  

When she did meet them, she didn't waste any time maximizing the opportunity in front of her!

Dominique connected with the Canadian National Swim Team captain at a swim meet and stayed in touch well after the competition ended. Dominique would often send emails to her new found athlete mentor to ask questions, and share ideas because this was someone who could help her achieve her goals.

There are many opportunities to meet great mentors in your life!  When you find them, be sure to stay in touch and ask lots of questions.

Who can be a great mentor?

  • Coaches
  • Teammates
  • check
  • Older swimmers
  • Head to Head Olympians

Write this down!

Write down three people that could be a good mentor for you

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