Mentorship Lesson #5 - Mentoring Each Other

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Heather MacLean's younger sister is 2016 Olympic Medallist, Brittany MacLean. Growing up, Heather was often Brittany's mentor, as she is older, but still sometimes, her younger sister was her mentor.

A mentor is somebody that can help you get through challenges and reach your dreams; they aren't always older or more experienced. They might just be someone who understands and cares about your success - like Brittany for Heather.  

Whenever Heather needed someone, Brittany was there for her!

Brittany & Heather

Brittany and Heather cheering on their Canadian teammates at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Tip #1 - Swimmers can mentor eachother!

There are many opportunities for us all to learn from one another and act as mentors.

Here are some of the big ways that Heather and Brittany used to mentor each other:

Show Support: They consistently help to pick each other up and encourage one another when facing obstacles.

Offer Guidance: Brittany and Heather share advice with one another!

Learn Together: The sisters are always learning; they both benefit by learning from one another's experiences.

Be Open: The MacLeans always communicate about their experiences in order to stay close and maximize their opportunities for success.

Write this down!

Who are the people you can support through their own personal swim journey?

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