Mentorship Lesson #3 - How Can Mentors Help?

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Remember that you can lean on people around you!

You likely aren’t the only person facing tough situations, and you cannot succeed at a high level all alone!

Share your experiences, feelings, goals and thoughts with your mentors and coaches.

They can work with you, encourage you, and ultimately help to get you back on track to the success you are looking for.

Tip # 1 - Find people who inspire you



I had three older siblings who played lots of sports and for me, that's how I got into sports.  I followed them!

Write this down!

Who are three people that inspire you?

Tip # 2 - Mentors help during challenging times

Martha faced a big disappointment in her career when she missed her goal of qualifying for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  

Fortunately, she received some good advice from her mentor, former world record holder Annamay Pierse, who helped her gain perspective and plan for future success.  

This relationship is part of what helped Martha become a World Championship Medallist in 2011, and 2X Olympian, competing in the Olympic Games in 2012 and 2016.

Write this down!

Who is someone that has helped you during a hard time?

Tip # 3 - Communicate!

To get the most out of a mentor, it is important to keep in touch. Find strength in the support your mentor can provide you by keeping continuous, consistent communication. 

Ideas for keeping in touch with your mentor

  • Give them a call on the phone
  • Write them an email
  • Send them a text
  • Find time to hang out!

Try it out!

Take some time to reach out to someone who has been a mentor to you and thank them for their help!

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