Lesson #1 - What Is A Mentor?

Watch Michelle's video below:

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Michelle had many different mentors throughout her career, and it helped her achieve a life long dream of winning an Olympic medal, in 2016!

Michelle Toro



A mentor is someone you can trust, someone who is willing to share their experiences with you, and someone who is genuinely interested in seeing you succeed!

Tip #1 - Look for different types of mentors

Not all mentors come from the same sort of backgrounds.  Here are three common types of mentors that you can find in your life.

Role models

A role model is someone one in your life that you look up to, and whose footsteps you want to follow to reach similar achievements.

For Michelle, her role model was her older sister!

Experienced Professionals

There are many people with lots of experience, training and education, who you can go to when you face a challenge, or need a motivational ‘pep talk’.

For Michelle, this was her swim coach!

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