Race Prep Lesson 3 - Practicing Your Routine

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Nerves are actually a good thing! You need to be a bit nervous before a race to perform well.  Nerves tell you that you care, and that you have something at stake.

Here's the the cool thing:

You have the best performance when you are a little bit stressed!

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Tip # 1 - Practice your routine

Feeling calm and ready for a race requires preparation.

In order to make her pre-race routine effective, Michelle made sure to use that same routine during training.

Michelle had a unique routine that she did before every race.  She focused on every step in her routine so that she wouldn't get overwhelmed by the big picture... or the race.

Use the routine that you have created for yourself  in the previous lessons, and practice it every chance you get!

Ask yourself

How do you keep yourself from getting too nervous?

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